Professional Conduct Agreement

  1. We will strive to recognize any of our own personal issues that would impair, conflict, or interfere with our student's best interest. Should the facts and circumstances necessitate, we will promptly seek and welcome assistance from other qualified facilitators.
  2. We will advertise and promote our Work-related services through open communication, inclusion, kindness, and integrity to attract students, rather than by competition at another's expense.
  3. We will not engage in inappropriate behaviour with our students.
  4. We will not exploit any aspect of the Trainer/Student relationship for our personal or professional gain.
  5. We will honour agreements made with our Students.
  6. We will ensure that our Students understand the nature of The Work-that it is inquiry, not therapy.
  7. When asked, we will accurately state our qualifications as facilitators.
  8. We will not give our clients advice.
  9. We will respect the client's right to terminate our Trainer/Student relationship at any point during the process. We will be alert to indications that our students are no longer committed to doing The Work or to benefiting from our Trainer/Student relationship.

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