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Antony Lehmann
My initial involvement with counselling and therapy began back in 1982 and was on a personal basis using Transactional Analysis as a structure. Throughout the eighties and early nineties, group-work became increasingly important for me, with the focus mainly on psychotherapy using the principles of Gestalt and Carl Rogers (also known as Person-centred therapy). After those early experiences which included two courses in Human Dynamics at Nottingham University I was moved to concentrate on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and gained certification at Practitioner and Master practitioner level while continuing my personal one-on-one sessions in Reichian style body work. The first glimpse of what might be called an awakening came in August 2000 - however it was fleeting. Another 10 years went by before the awakening experience became more abiding. That may have come about as a result of 3 years association with the writings and retreats of Eckhart Tolle and attendance at the School for the Work of Byron Katie in Germany 2010.
The transformation at the School was truly amazing and I noticed permanent changes in all walks of my life. After that first school, I joined the programme to become a Certified Facilitator for The Work and completed it 4 years later in November 2014.

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